Earlier this year, Aaron Hernandez took his own life in his jail cell, just days after being found not guilty of the 2012 double-homicide he was accused of. Months after his death, a report released by his attorney says the former New England Patriots tight end’s brain showed severe signs of CTE–the likes of which are only seen in players around the age of 67-years-old.

Now we get to see exactly what was going on inside the brain of Hernandez after Boston University released photos showing significant signs of the degenerative brain disease CTE.

“Dr. Ann McKee, the director of BU’s CTE Center, led the discussion on the study of Hernandez’s brain in Boston Thursday and, according to the Associated Press, McKee said Hernandez suffered severe damage to the parts of his brain responsible for memory, behavior and impulse control.

According to the AP, McKee did not say Hernandez’s behavior was a result of CTE, but McKee did say the frontal lobe of Hernandez’s brain had substantial damage.”

Unfortunately, CTE can only be diagnosed after death and its symptoms include aggression, volatile mood swings, and depression.

Late NFL players Junior Seau, Andre Waters and Dave Duerson all committed suicide, and all three were found to have CTE in their brains.

Photos of Aaron Hernandez’s Brain Showing Significant CTE Damage Revealed (PICS)

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